Baby Traditions & Celebrations… So Much More Than a Shower

How did–or how will–you celebrate the birth of your baby? Once upon a time, it was baby showers and baby showers only. In the 1950s, baby showers were a big deal event, especially in suburban communities (some developers nicknamed the said communities “fertility valley”). Traditionally, baby shower hostesses and guests, around 10 in total, dressed

Breastfeeding and Nipple Type

Breasts come in all shapes, sizes. No two are alike, even on the same woman. The same is true for nipples. Certain nipple shapes may make breastfeeding more challenging but not impossible! Here is a list of different types of nipples and some tips, tools, and resources that can help reduce breastfeeding challenges: Everted –

Breastfeeding Can Be Really Difficult

by Katie Herlihy   So, I had a relatively rosy view of what breastfeeding would be like prior to birth. I thought of it in warm sepia tones with sun shining through the window as I smiled down at my new little pleasantly plump bundle of joy. I think I had a relatively normal difficult

Conscious Birthing: What is it and how do I do it?

By Britt Fohrman   In my practice as a Birth Doula, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Birth Educator, I am devoted to helping women prepare for a conscious birth. I used to focus more on “natural birth” but after years of attending all sorts of births, I started to see how limiting that focus was. Any

Cooking With Kids

by Leah Brooks is the founder of Young Urban Modern Chefs (Y.U.M. Chefs)   When you invite your child in your kitchen, you are giving them positive food experiences with healthy foods that will last them a lifetime. During our after school cooking classes at Y.U.M. Chefs, we give children age appropriate cooking tasks so

A Dirty Little Problem With a Clean Solution

Composting diapers is an environmentally responsible method with no impact.   By Mark D Siminoff, Founder of Earth Baby, LLC   It’s hard to believe that something the size of a sack of flour could generate a mountain of waste. But every year in the United States babies produce more than 18 billion diapers that

Labor and Birth Practices

by Neri Life Choma   Did you ever hear the analogy between childbirth and a marathon run? Many of us are familiar with this analogy, but I wonder what comes to mind when you hear it, or think about it: Is it the many hours of physical strains? Is it being in pain? Maybe you

Nourish Yourself – Why HOW We Eat Matters

We all know that what we choose to put into our bodies is crucial. Whether we are concerned about a specific dietary restriction, or just want to be conscious of our well-being in general, it is now clear that the food we eat is a huge part of the health equation. At no time is

Papa Sings the Blues

I’ll admit it (and have the photos to prove it)—when my wife rounded the corner at our wedding and I caught my first glimpse of her in that beautiful gown, I burst into tears. When I proposed to her behind a firehouse by a lake, I cried as I asked. When each kiddo arrived, I