Preparing for a Natural Birth with Birth Boot Camp

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by Vanessa Stepan


Having a natural birth is not an unrealistic goal if it’s something you really desire and commit to preparing for. Just like you would need to train before running a marathon, you will want to prepare both mentally and physically for having a natural birth. Taking a childbirth course from an independent third party (as opposed to a hospital class) makes a huge difference.

Not only do you get a more in depth curriculum and comprehensive information, you also establish relationships with other expecting couples who are due around the same time.

Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week natural childbirth course for expecting couples. The name “Birth Boot Camp” stems from the idea that preparing for birth takes a lot of physical and mental preparation but once you are well equipped with knowledge, you’ll have the confidence to perform when labor begins. The goal of the course is not only to educate couples on what happens physically during labor but to also give them the ability to make informed choices and remain level-headed throughout the birthing process. Each class begins with a comfort measure (which become great tools for the partner to use during labor) and ends with a relaxation exercise. Since relaxation plays a key role in achieving an unmedicated birth, this remains a focus throughout the course and couples are encouraged to practice at home as well.


I chose to certify with Birth Boot Camp because their materials (for both students and instructors) are up-to-date and based on the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative It’s also completely comprehensive and covers everything from nutrition, exercise and chiropractic care to educating couples on the stages of labor, laboring positions, as well as breastfeeding, babywearing and so much more. I love that the course prepares couples to have positive birth experiences even if their birth doesn’t go exactly according to their plan. Check out the course curriculum here. I truly believe that education makes a difference! Just take a look at these 2015 Birth Boot Camp student statistics: ((See attached photos BBC 1 & BBC 2)


The course is available in live classes (there are instructors all over the US and even abroad) or online which you can take at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Birth Boot Camp also has certified doulas which you can learn more about here.

Taking a natural childbirth class made a huge difference in how my husband and I experienced the birth of our son and I wanted to help other couples have positive birth experiences.

There is so much fear in our society that we sometimes forget that our bodies were designed to birth our babies. I hope in some small way I am able to empower couples to make informed choices and have positive birth experiences.

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