Seahorse Doula Package

The Seahorse Birth Doula Package: $480

  • Includes 12 hours of postpartum care

Postpartum in person sessions: 

This session offers you education and support after bringing your new baby home.

We will discuss your birth together, talk about newborn care, lactation, and offer postpartum resources and referrals.

Include 3 postpartum sessions (4 hours per session).

Additional hours are available to purchase in 12-hour increments.

Sunrise Doula (7am – 12pm)

  • Start your day feeling refreshed and cared for. Having a doula in the morning can give you a chance to sleep in, help with breakfast, and get a start on the daily chores.

Sunset Doula (6pm -11pm)

  • Finish your day feeling calm and rested. An evening doula can help with dinner, chores, and even watch the baby if you want to go to bed.
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