Starfish Doula Package

As your birth doula, we will help you create a clear vision of what your ideal birth looks like through developing ‘Your Birth Preferences Document’. This process will guide you towards a satisfying and educated birth experience. We will practice positioning, phases of labor, pushing, coping techniques, and talk in depth about “framing your labor” preparing both you, and your partner for your birth.

The ‘Starfish Package’ includes one free initial meet & greet interview, three prenatal sessions, plus one postpartum newborn care/sleep session:

    Prenatal Session #1

The first prenatal session will help to create a clear vision of what your ideal birth looks like. Erica will share a Birth Preferences Document with you to go over while we discuss your many options for your customized plan. This session will leave you feeling informed, educated and ready to create a game plan for a satisfying and memorable birth experience. (Approx. 2 hours.)

Prenatal Session #2

In the second prenatal session, we will practice positioning, pushing phase, coping techniques, talk more about laboring at home, and “framing your labor”. We will in essence walk through a practice run and come together as a birth team, feeling confident and prepared for your big day. This time can also be used to help your partner prepare for their role in your labor & delivery. We will go over certain techniques, as well as the importance of an attentive and caring partner during childbirth.

Prenatal Session #3

This third session is a time to build rapport and make sure that we are all on the same page. We will focus this time on answering any questions or concerns and go over your birth preferences.

  • is available for unlimited text, face-time, phone, email and other forms of virtual support.
  • is on-call 24/7 2 weeks before your baby is born (unless there is a medical need to have me come on call early). I will remain available to you 4 weeks postpartum to any answer questions, provide referrals, and offer my support as you get adjusted to parenthood.
  • if there is a need to switch to virtual support during your labor and birth you will be refunded the difference in price of in-person and virtual package ($600) (*see COVID-19/Catastrophic Event Clause
  • offer you informational downloads, articles, podcasts
  • Back – up support available at 38 weeks
  • Starfish Doula Service $3,500

    Save $50 with this package

  • Birth support ($2,500)

  • Newborn care class ($150)

  • 20 hours daytime PP help ($850)

  • 20 hours daytime PP help ($850)

*COVID-19/Catastrophic Event Clause

In the event that I am unable to enter your hospital or there is a shelter in place order and I cannot attend you at home, I will provide you a Zoom link so that you have access to the doula team virtually throughout your labor. In this format, I am able to do almost everything I would normally do — helping you find comfortable positions, giving reminders about rest/activity/hydration, providing guidance for relaxation and coping, and helping to answer questions or helping you get information from your care providers so that you can make informed decisions about your care. I have example videos cued up and will walk your partner(s) through any of the hands-on bodywork that we cannot do from afar. (Credit, Teri Nava-Anderson.)

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