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Preparing for a Natural Birth with Birth Boot Camp

by Vanessa Stepan   Having a natural birth is not an unrealistic goal if it’s something you really desire and commit to preparing for. Just like you would need to train before running a marathon, you will want to prepare both mentally and physically for having a natural birth. Taking a childbirth course from an

Breastfeeding and Nipple Type

Breasts come in all shapes, sizes. No two are alike, even on the same woman. The same is true for nipples. Certain nipple shapes may make breastfeeding more challenging but not impossible! Here is a list of different types of nipples and some tips, tools, and resources that can help reduce breastfeeding challenges: Everted –

Preeclampsia: DoulaSpot Q&A

What is preeclampsia? Preeclampsia is a serious disorder related to high blood pressure. It can happen to any pregnant woman during the second half of her pregnancy, or up to six weeks after delivery.   How is preeclampsia diagnosed? Preeclampsia is diagnosed by the presence of high blood pressure and, usually, protein in the urine.


In the age of the “career woman,” more and more prospective mothers are choosing to delay conception for a variety of socioeconomic reasons. In spite of this widespread social and economic trend, pregnancy biologically favors the young. It is universally understood that egg quality and number decline and the uterine environment grows increasingly hostile with

Your Birth Plan

What is a birth plan? A friendly, short and concise list of your wishes and needs during your labor and birth of your child. Why do you need one? There are many options/choices in childbirth. If you don’t tell them what you want, they will assume their protocol will be just dandy. So what are your