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Mood Disorders and Pregnancy

by Jake McKenna Ibarra   Each year 15 to 20% of women experience postpartum depression and 10% of men can experience paternal postpartum depression. 70 to 80% of postpartum moms experience baby blues.   One in five Americans have a mental illness diagnosis with many afraid to seek treatment or confide in loved ones for

Newborn Sleep Patterns

by Jessica Begley, MPH   In the first few weeks of life, adjusted if your baby was born early, your baby may have what I refer to as a honeymoon period. During this time your newborn may easily fall into sleep and sleep long stretches. You may even need to wake your baby in order

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Stories

by Jessie Salas, Photographer   My Grandpa’s Polaroid camera would be my first recollection of the love I have always had for photography. I can recall standing in my grandparent’s living room watching as he loaded the film into the backside of the contraption while sternly and lovingly telling both my sister and I that

After Birth Rituals

In America, we give birth to our baby, take pictures and head home, mementos in tow and hopeful that the freezer is packed with dinners for the next few days. We welcome visitors throughout our bonding and recovery. In this day, it is likely we “post” the step-by-step process, including the adorable yet slightly too

Baby Traditions & Celebrations… So Much More Than a Shower

How did–or how will–you celebrate the birth of your baby? Once upon a time, it was baby showers and baby showers only. In the 1950s, baby showers were a big deal event, especially in suburban communities (some developers nicknamed the said communities “fertility valley”). Traditionally, baby shower hostesses and guests, around 10 in total, dressed

Breastfeeding Can Be Really Difficult

by Katie Herlihy   So, I had a relatively rosy view of what breastfeeding would be like prior to birth. I thought of it in warm sepia tones with sun shining through the window as I smiled down at my new little pleasantly plump bundle of joy. I think I had a relatively normal difficult

A Dirty Little Problem With a Clean Solution

Composting diapers is an environmentally responsible method with no impact.   By Mark D Siminoff, Founder of Earth Baby, LLC   It’s hard to believe that something the size of a sack of flour could generate a mountain of waste. But every year in the United States babies produce more than 18 billion diapers that

Take Care of Each Other – Some Tips on Relationship Maintenance as Parents

Parents—ever look at your spouse and think, Hey! It’s nice to see you again!?   One thing parenting does is keep you busy. On your toes. Running constantly from sun-up to…er…sun-up. And because so much time is devoted to the kids—be it newborns, toddlers, or even school-agers—that time to be a couple of adults can

Twice the Trouble, but Twice the fun: One Nanny’s Tips for Taking on Twins

I have taken care of an only child, siblings, and twins. Twins are by far the biggest handful and that’s simply because there are two. Now you’re probably thinking, “Well, what about two or three siblings?” When you have one older sibling they are more independent, rather than two children who are the same age

4 Tips for Conquering Pregnancy Fears

Guest post by Wee Nurture   Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in a mother’s life, but it can also be one of the scariest. Instead of focusing on what’s likely to happen—having a “normal” birth with a heathy child—expectant moms can become stressed and unable to push away fears that something