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Nourish Yourself – Why HOW We Eat Matters

We all know that what we choose to put into our bodies is crucial. Whether we are concerned about a specific dietary restriction, or just want to be conscious of our well-being in general, it is now clear that the food we eat is a huge part of the health equation. At no time is

Papa Sings the Blues

I’ll admit it (and have the photos to prove it)—when my wife rounded the corner at our wedding and I caught my first glimpse of her in that beautiful gown, I burst into tears. When I proposed to her behind a firehouse by a lake, I cried as I asked. When each kiddo arrived, I

The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy & Tips for How to Get Started

Exercise during pregnancy. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but who and what information can you trust? A sampling of advice may include “walking only”, “no impact”, “no twisting”, “stick with yoga”, “don’t get your heart rate above 140 bmp”, “and the always popular, “just do what you’ve been doing for exercise.” Well, what if

The Post Birth Vagina

Birth is an amazing process; a process that the female body is built to experience. The process is not simple and neither is the female body. It’s complex, it’s impressive. And often misunderstood. With misunderstanding or misinformation often comes fear. Many women fear birth as a result of not fully understanding the process (“I have

Breastfeeding: Getting Off to the Right Start

You’ve heard “breast is best”and maybe your doctor or friends have encouraged breastfeeding, too. Maybe you also have friends who have told you how hard it can be. Yes, it is recommended by many health organizations and yes, it can be hard! Breastfeeding is a learning curve, steeper for some moms and babies than others.

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy

“You want me to gain how much weight?! My body looks disgusting…I will never lose the weight…People will judge me and think I’m worthless…I feel so alone….” Not uncommon to hear from a person struggling with an eating disorder, these comments offer a glimpse into the inner turmoil these individuals are experiencing from both their

Sexual Abuse is a Hard Subject to Talk About

Really hard! It silences survivors… very easily! It can affect generations.  Many women (and men) live alone in their trauma. It can cause damage to the absolute core of a person… especially if done by someone who is suppose to love them, like a family member or a friend. Sexual abuse can cause physical damage,

Why She Wants a Doula (And Why You Should Want one Too)

Friday night. Long week. DVR’d re-runs of the latest show you’re obsessed with play on the TV. Princess Preggers is snuggled into your arms, reminding you every few seconds to keep rubbing her belly because it’s good for the baby and good for her and…wait? Did that commercial just say I could save hundreds of