Whale service package

The Whale Birth Doula Package: $3,150

  • One free initial meet & greet interview, three prenatal sessions (two in person, one virtual).
  • Prenatal, Labor and Birth doula support ($2,400)
  • 20 hours postpartum support ($750)

$150 discount


Prenatal Session #1 – virtual

The first virtual prenatal session will help you to create a clear vision of what your birth looks like. We will share a Birth Preferences Document with you to go over while we discuss your many options for your customized plan. This session will leave you feeling informed, educated and ready to create a game plan for a satisfying and ideal birth experience. (Approx. 2 hours.)


Prenatal Session #2 –in person

In the second virtual prenatal session, we will practice positioning, pushing phase, coping techniques, talk more about laboring at home, and “framing your labor”. We will in essence walk through a practice run and come together as a birth team, feeling confident and prepared for your big day. This time can also be used to help your partner prepare for their role in your labor and delivery. We will go over certain techniques, as well as the importance of partners loving care and attention during childbirth.


Prenatal Session #3 – in person

This third session is focused on coaching the partner how to best support the birthing woman during labor and to address any individualized questions or concerns. We specifically want to extend our support to the partner during the birth process.

As your birth doulas we will:

·       We will be available for email, phone, and text support

·       Will be on-call 24/7 2 weeks before your baby is born (unless there is a medical need to have me come on call early. I will remain available to you 2 weeks postpartum to any answer questions, provide referrals, and offer my support as you get adjusted to parenthood.

·    Due to Covid-19, some hospitals have limited how many people can accompany you. We can provide you with in-person labor support at your home and virtual support at the hospital. If we are unable to give you in-person hospital support, you will be refunded $300.


This package also include 5 postpartum sessions (4 hours per session).

Additional hours are available to purchase in 12-hour increments.

Sunrise Doula (7am – 12pm)

  • Start your day feeling refreshed and cared for. Having a doula in the morning can give you a chance to sleep in, help with breakfast, and get a start on the daily chores.

Sunset Doula (6pm -11pm)

  • Finish your day feeling calm and rested. An evening doula can help with dinner, chores, and even watch the baby if you want to go to bed.
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