Breastfeeding and Nipple Type

Breasts come in all shapes, sizes. No two are alike, even on the same woman. The same is true for nipples. Certain nipple shapes may make breastfeeding more challenging but not impossible! Here is a list of different types of nipples and some tips, tools, and resources that can help reduce breastfeeding challenges: Everted –

Breastfeeding Can Be Really Difficult

by Katie Herlihy   So, I had a relatively rosy view of what breastfeeding would be like prior to birth. I thought of it in warm sepia tones with sun shining through the window as I smiled down at my new little pleasantly plump bundle of joy. I think I had a relatively normal difficult

What’s the Deal With Omega 3

Many of the fad trends in foods can come off so confusing and misleading to moms. It becomes so frustrating to women, especially with the lack of information from medical professionals, as to what is really important during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that is specialized in this field, it is a