“Erica was an angel on the day of the birth. She kept in regular phone contact with us while in early labor prior to going to the hospital. She was a reassuring voice and a wise coach shepherding us through the incredible experience. She met us promptly at the hospital as we arrived (offered to meet us beforehand, but we opted for her to meet us once at the hospital). Once at the hospital, the intensity of my wife’s contractions started to increase significantly, and I was sure glad that Erica was there! This is were she truly shined! She knew all the phases, signs and symptoms my wife was experiencing and comforted her with such sincerity and grace. She was extremely nurturing and knew just how to read my wife, consoling her lovingly but also challenging her when appropriate. She also helped me to be at my best and coached us as a couple as we strove to optimize the birthing process. “


“Erica was our guardian angel, we could not have done this without her – her presence and knowledge was invaluable”


“Erica helped us to stay focused and in the present, she helped us to enjoy what was happening when it was happening. She was a great support to my husband as well”


“Dear Erica, I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for your support and kindness during my labor. I couldn’t have done it without you, (or at least it would have involved significantly more fear and discomfort,) and I am so incredibly grateful to have had you by my side. It must be a truly beautiful thing to be a doula! Bringing so much comfort to people’s lives and being so needed. Hiring you was the smartest decision I made! I think my doctor is crazy if he thinks I could have made it through the most intense experience of my life with my panicked husband and the midwife. It’s just not the same thing. I couldn’t image the nurse on duty cradling me in her arms as I suffered through continuous contractions… I wish you all the best and hope that you continue to bring calm and relief to women in San Francisco, and who knows, you might be around for a second try.”


“Erica is extremely sensitive and compassionate. She understands the stresses and anxiety that a pregnant woman can have and supports with the utmost gentle words. Erica always told me to trust myself and gave me the confidence to trust that I could handle a natural birth again!”


“Erica informed me about what was happening during my labor and birth giving me peace of mind. She was there for me throughout my labor and never left my side. Having a doula made all the difference, Erica is a wonderful woman!”


“I was extremely impressed with Erica’s knowledge and compassion, I would definitely recommend her. She is well suited for any challenge”