De-mystifying Cervical Dilation Examinations

by Eva Martin, MD When I speak to women in their first pregnancies, they usually have no idea what cervical dilation is. But, ask any mom who has gone through labor, and she can tell you it’s very important. The cervix is the doorway from the womb (uterus) to the birth canal. When a woman

How Freestanding Birth Centers Make a Difference

by Paula Meyer, DONA certified birth doula   As a doula, I often get approached because expectant parents want extra guidance and information regarding important childbirth decisions. However, I typically interact with them after the first trimester – after many people have already made THE most important decision regarding their birth. Wait, there’s actually a

Preparing for a Natural Birth with Birth Boot Camp

by Vanessa Stepan   Having a natural birth is not an unrealistic goal if it’s something you really desire and commit to preparing for. Just like you would need to train before running a marathon, you will want to prepare both mentally and physically for having a natural birth. Taking a childbirth course from an

What is a Birth Plan Exactly?

by Becca Gordon   Pregnant folks, have you all been told to write a birth plan? Have you seen funny mock birth plans on the internet? Does it seems strange to you to try to lay out a plan for something as unpredictable as labor? Did your hospital or birth center provide you with the

Baby Traditions & Celebrations… So Much More Than a Shower

How did–or how will–you celebrate the birth of your baby? Once upon a time, it was baby showers and baby showers only. In the 1950s, baby showers were a big deal event, especially in suburban communities (some developers nicknamed the said communities “fertility valley”). Traditionally, baby shower hostesses and guests, around 10 in total, dressed

Preeclampsia: DoulaSpot Q&A

What is preeclampsia? Preeclampsia is a serious disorder related to high blood pressure. It can happen to any pregnant woman during the second half of her pregnancy, or up to six weeks after delivery.   How is preeclampsia diagnosed? Preeclampsia is diagnosed by the presence of high blood pressure and, usually, protein in the urine.

Preparing for Birth With Love: Tapping into Your Sexual Energy…

…For a More Enjoyable Pregnancy and Birth   Want to have a pleasurable birth? Or at the very least, a manageable birth where love, joy and embodied power surround you and your baby? Have you ever considered that birth is sexual and that tapping into your sexual and sensual energy might help you birth your

The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy & Tips for How to Get Started

Exercise during pregnancy. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but who and what information can you trust? A sampling of advice may include “walking only”, “no impact”, “no twisting”, “stick with yoga”, “don’t get your heart rate above 140 bmp”, “and the always popular, “just do what you’ve been doing for exercise.” Well, what if

4 Tips for Conquering Pregnancy Fears

Guest post by Wee Nurture   Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in a mother’s life, but it can also be one of the scariest. Instead of focusing on what’s likely to happen—having a “normal” birth with a heathy child—expectant moms can become stressed and unable to push away fears that something

Five Unique Gifts for Your Baby Registry

Deciding on what to register for and where to register can take a lot more effort than you may initially think. You already know that you want to register for clothes, gear and supplies for baby, but what about special care items you may not have thought of? Caring for you and your family after