5 Hygiene Rules for Proper Baby Care

Updated: May 28, 2020 A baby brings happiness to the family; however, taking care of the little one can be challenging. Babies and newborns have a weak immune system and cannot take care of themselves. They love putting things in the mouth, which makes them vulnerable to diseases and infections. Hygiene is one of the most

De-mystifying Cervical Dilation Examinations

by Eva Martin, MD When I speak to women in their first pregnancies, they usually have no idea what cervical dilation is. But, ask any mom who has gone through labor, and she can tell you it’s very important. The cervix is the doorway from the womb (uterus) to the birth canal. When a woman

What are the Benefits of Co-Sleeping?

by Emma Kelley   If you are a mother or a father and you are seeking for the optimal sleeping solution for your child, then the co-sleeping or bed sharing is what you can resort to. There are a lot of advantages of co-sleeping with your baby, and I am sure that you will share

Mood Disorders and Pregnancy

by Jake McKenna Ibarra   Each year 15 to 20% of women experience postpartum depression and 10% of men can experience paternal postpartum depression. 70 to 80% of postpartum moms experience baby blues.   One in five Americans have a mental illness diagnosis with many afraid to seek treatment or confide in loved ones for

Newborn Sleep Patterns

by Jessica Begley, MPH   In the first few weeks of life, adjusted if your baby was born early, your baby may have what I refer to as a honeymoon period. During this time your newborn may easily fall into sleep and sleep long stretches. You may even need to wake your baby in order

How Freestanding Birth Centers Make a Difference

by Paula Meyer, DONA certified birth doula   As a doula, I often get approached because expectant parents want extra guidance and information regarding important childbirth decisions. However, I typically interact with them after the first trimester – after many people have already made THE most important decision regarding their birth. Wait, there’s actually a

Preparing for a Natural Birth with Birth Boot Camp

by Vanessa Stepan   Having a natural birth is not an unrealistic goal if it’s something you really desire and commit to preparing for. Just like you would need to train before running a marathon, you will want to prepare both mentally and physically for having a natural birth. Taking a childbirth course from an

What is a Birth Plan Exactly?

by Becca Gordon   Pregnant folks, have you all been told to write a birth plan? Have you seen funny mock birth plans on the internet? Does it seems strange to you to try to lay out a plan for something as unpredictable as labor? Did your hospital or birth center provide you with the

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Stories

by Jessie Salas, Photographer   My Grandpa’s Polaroid camera would be my first recollection of the love I have always had for photography. I can recall standing in my grandparent’s living room watching as he loaded the film into the backside of the contraption while sternly and lovingly telling both my sister and I that

After Birth Rituals

In America, we give birth to our baby, take pictures and head home, mementos in tow and hopeful that the freezer is packed with dinners for the next few days. We welcome visitors throughout our bonding and recovery. In this day, it is likely we “post” the step-by-step process, including the adorable yet slightly too